An analysis of the legend about el cid

Also the people in Castile were not happy that they were being led by a king from Leon. It was at this time that El Cid decided to attack. He knew that because Valencia contained a great number of Moors Arabs that he would have to have the support of Ibn Jahhaf.

But El Cid had a couple of things in his favor. The city, Muhammad said, should surrender without delay. In Augusta huge Almoravid army crossed the Gibraltar Strait.

Becoming a soldier of fortune, the knight leads his host in conquest of one Moorish territory after another, each time generously sharing the spoils and booty among his knights and vassals, even the lowliest.

He first waged war against his brothers in Leon and Galicia. He asks that Ximena be given to him as his wife upon his return, so that he can provide for her. Sancho first needed to do battle with the Kingdom of Aragon which was not under control of any of his family. He appointed a Bishop and he encouraged people to settle in Valencia.

He suffered a great defeat at Sagrajas on October 23rd. About Sancho began his war against his brothers and sisters. Though the siege machines had frightened the citizens of Valencia, Rodrigo had seen an opportunity in them. Spainwhich was soon translated into French ininto Germany in and into Spanish in The Cid tried to maintain the Christian presence in the largely Moslem town.

Through his service to al-Mu'tamin and al-Musta'in he learned about Arabic politics. He surrounded the city and began a long siege. Any man in the kingdom who offers aid to the Cid will forfeit his estate. The royal edict allows him nine days in which to leave the kingdom but forbids him from taking with him any of his wealth and goods.

King Alfonso leads Christians and Moors alike in a prayer for God to receive the soul "of the purest knight of all". Fernand had hoped that his children would be happy with their lands.EL CID: He was born Rodrigo (or Ruy) Díaz de Vivar. Vivar being the town where he was born.

El Cid Summary

It is near Burgos. He was born either in or However, El Cid's unauthorized expedition into Granada greatly angered Alfonso, and May 8,was the last time El Cid confirmed a document in King Alfonso's Jimena Díaz.

Do you know the legend of El Cid and his gray Andalusian Stallion, Babieca?

The Legend of El Cid and Babieca – Andalusians in History and Mythology

By: AndalusianWorld Staff. The tale is perhaps best described as a story rather than a legend, since El Cid and his famous white steed are not just legendary characters in.

It looks like you've lost connection to our server. Please check your internet connection or reload this page. What follows is a reconstruction drawn from eyewitness and historical accounts, elements of El Cid lore—particularly the historical novel El Cid, el último héroe, by Spanish historian and author José Luis Olaizola—that are supported by the record, and contemporary analysis of the battlefield.

El Cid has always interested me, and I found Trow's book very enlightening as to the time period. Because so little is known about Rodrigo of Vivar, the book could get a little full of "He must have," "It must have," "Perhaps," and "Maybe"'s, which makes the reader doubt the reliability of the writing/5.

An analysis of the legend about el cid
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